House of Hatters

       Growing up I always saw my dad wearing hats, he was my very own Indiana Jones. Being the biggest Indy fan I am, I always stole his hats when playing dress up. Twenty years later playing dress up is still my favorite thing, and well when playing dress up I get to wear Indy’s hats- that’s just a plus. Ever since I saw pictures of the eclectic art installations up at Salvation Mountain I had dreamt of taking fun pictures there. This past weekend my sister and I decided we needed a road trip- a little R&R, TLC- we just needed a destination and soon enough Salvation Mountain was on the GPS and Queen Bee was blaring on the car speakers. Just thinking about my outfits was enough to give me a natural high, but my most treasured acquisitions were my new House of Hatters hats. Nicolas, my precious new black hat baby, what on earth can I say that you can’t already see? I wanted a fresh perspective on men’s athleisure, ergo my black tracksuit brought to a new level with Nicolas’ classic yet modern style.  

Then I present to the world Hugo, oh Hugo what funky combination you are for a hat. Notice the turquoise stone paired with the brown leather and feather. I never thought I would be wearing a stone on my head- on my neck yes, on my hands hell yes, but I have to give it up to House of Hatters for making the impossible possible. Yes, Hugo effortless style in a beige color will quickly become your go to as you leave the house.

Oh Leo, come back- we both fit in this door. Leonardo, just like Leo DiCaprio, a classic yet yummy surprise. This navy and seemingly conservative hat is anything but that. Take note of the darling “muñequita” (mexican doll, for all those out there who are not familiar with the term), I named her Rose, or Rosa in keeping with the hat’s theme. I like to think that these two love birds will never sink out of style.

Talking about Rosa, the spanish word for pink, it brings me to my personal new love Isabella. Isabella is feminine yet outrageously out there with its natural white striped pheasant feather. Yes, I have no shame in admitting that I do look Pretty in Pink. It’s odd to acknowledge a time in my life when I thought being boy prohibited me from wearing pink, but did you know that when I was a toddler and had to pick out construction paper I would always choose pink- you could say, it was written since the beginning and my love affair with Isabella has been years in the making. Yes, Isabella my love, I wear pink now every chance I get. I didn’t choose the pink life, it chose me.

After all that exploring at Salvation Mountain and fighting off other bloggers for the perfect shot. We stopped at my favorite all time destination, In-N-Out. I mean can you even have a road trip in California without In-N-Out? I don’t know and I hope I never do. Ian’s forest green simplicity yet delightful green bow make me crave style perfection every time I see it. Which is why House of Hatter’s is now my number one go-to for stylish yet affordable hats. They strive to make your hat buying experience as easy and fun as possible, which is why there hats are one size fits all. But you may be wondering how is that, after all heads come in all shapes and sizes. Well, their hats feature a unique design hidden within their interior, to make your hat size 100% customizable without sacrificing the hat’s form. They are all handcrafted goods with natural unique imperfections. House of Hatter’s promises- no two hats are the same.

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     Al crecer, siempre vi a mi padre con sombreros, él era mi propio Indiana Jones. Siendo el mayor fanático de Indy que soy, siempre me robé sus sombreros cuando jugaba a disfrazarme. Veinte años después, jugar a los disfraces sigue siendo mi pasatiempo favorito. Desde que vi fotos de las increíbles instalaciones de arte en Salvation Mountain, había soñado con tomar fotos divertidas allí. Este pasado fin de semana, mi hermana y yo decidimos que necesitábamos un viaje por carretera, un poco de R & R, TLC, solo necesitábamos un destino y pronto Salvation Mountain estaba en el GPS y Queen Bee estaba sonando en la radio.  De solo pensar en mis atuendos fue suficiente para emocionarme, pero mis adquisiciones más preciadas fueron mis nuevos sombreros de House of Hatters. Nicolas, mi precioso y nuevo bebé, ¿qué demonios puedo decir que ya no puedes ver? Quería una nueva perspectiva sobre el atletismo de los hombres,  llevado mi look a un nuevo nivel de estilo clásico y moderno gracias a Nicolas.

Luego les presento a Hugo, oh Hugo, qué funky combinación eres para un sombrero. Observe la piedra turquesa emparejada con el cuero marrón y la pluma. Nunca pensé que estaría usando una piedra en mi cabeza, en mi cuello sí, en mis manos, mil veces sí, pero tengo que cederles a House of Hatters por hacer posible lo imposible. Sí, el estilo sencillo de Hugo en un color beige se convertirá rápidamente en tu sombrero a escoger antes de salir de casa.

Oh Leo, vuelve, ambos cabemos en este puerta. Leonardo, como Leo DiCaprio, una sorpresa clásica pero deliciosa. Esta armada y  aparentemente muy conservador. Tome nota de la querida “muñequita”, la llamé Rosa de acuerdo con el tema del sombrero. Me gusta pensar que estos dos enamorados nunca pasarán de moda.

Hablando de Rosa, me lleva a mi nuevo amor, Isabella. Isabella es femenina pero escandalosamente anda por ahí con su pluma de faisán de rayas blancas naturales. Sí, no tengo vergüenza al admitir que me veo bonito en rosa. Es extraño reconocer una época de mi vida en la que pensé que ser un niño me prohibía vestir de rosa, pero ¿sabías que cuando era un niño pequeño y tenía que elegir un papel de construcción siempre elegía el rosa, se podía decir que estaba escrito desde el principio y mi relación amorosa con Isabella ha tardado años en gestarse. Sí, Isabel, mi amor, ahora uso rosa cada vez que tengo oportunidad. No elegí la vida rosa, me eligió a mí.

Después de explorar Salvation Mountain y peleando contra otros bloggers por la foto perfecta. Nos detuvimos en mi destino favorito de todos los tiempos, In-N-Out. Quiero decir, ¿puedes incluso tener un viaje por carretera en California sin In-N-Out? No lo sé y espero que nunca lo haga. La simplicidad verde bosque de Ian pero el encantador lazo verde me hacen desear la perfección del estilo cada vez que lo veo. Por eso, House of Hatter es ahora mi número uno para sombreros elegantes pero asequibles. Se esfuerzan para que su experiencia de compra de sombreros sea lo más fácil y divertida posible, razón por la cual los sombreros son de talla única. Pero tal vez se pregunte cómo es eso, después de todas las cabezas vienen en todas las formas y tamaños. Bueno, sus sombreros cuentan con un diseño único escondido dentro de su interior, para hacer que su tamaño de sombrero sea 100% personalizable sin sacrificar la forma del sombrero. Todos son productos artesanales con imperfecciones naturales únicas. Las promesas de House of Hatter: no hay dos sombreros iguales.

Pics by: Aranza Soberanes




Photographers on one side fashionitas on the other and street style are the pictures of choice when it comes to Fashion Week.

How can I start to explain how the most important week of the season for fashionitas all over the world works? Between backstage and front rows here are 10 rules every one should follow in order to keep and maintain your cool on the seasons most hectic yet glamorous week.

#1. Sunshine is a big spot on you. It shows all the mistakes. (AVOID at all coats cheap fabrics, ruined accessories, and dirty shoes)

#2. Don’t match clothes and its own function. Like rain and trenchcoat or snow and moonboot, FORGET IT leave the umbrella at home!

#3. Be careful with black. DON’T put together different tones of black; materials reflect the black in different ways.

#4. Wear just nightclothes in daytime. It is UNEXPECTED!

#5. DON’T carry big bags. (On the front row they hinder the passage)

#6. ALWAYS check the weather. Clothes live in the best context.

#7. SHAPE UP! You must choose outfits fierce and fully shaped.

#8. Pay attention de DETAIL. Even if you think people aren’t watching, a good ACCESSORY is worth a thousand words.

#9. EXPIREMENT! Fashion Week is the time of the season you can dress up and none of the others can say anything about it.

#10. CONFIDENCE and a SMILE are a MUST! No matter how tired you are or how crazy you’ve looked when fighting for your cab confidence and smiles are only here to enhance you wardrobe of choice.

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Sweatshirt: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Jeans: Hudson, Sunnies: Dior “reflected” Backpack: Chanel Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Hair by: Kim Garduño

Pics by: LUI VAL

Overalls 101:

In case you didn’t get the memo, overalls are back, and they have been for a while. Not only is it this trend from the 80’s and 90’s insanely comfortable, but they are also practical and incredibly stylish. Bib overalls were, and still are the everyday apparel for some people. They were perceived as a uniform for the working masses, especially those in agriculture. And are perhaps the most versatile of transition items by allowing you to show others that you have something cool going on, whether it’s a layer underneath, or on top of them. Either way it’s pure genius.

Farmers, who really had it down before any of us, originally used them but the denim all-in-one really exploded when Princess Diana embraced it. Lately, luxury denim brands and designers are interpreting the overall in covetable iterations that will banish the words, “she could be a farmer in those clothes”, from any association with the look.

Now that overalls are popping up everywhere again, it seems like few people know how to wear them without looking like they just came from a farm. While sporting a denim onesie seems pretty foolproof (after all, everything matches with denim), figuring out the right shirt, shoes and accessories to pair with your overalls is an art form.

Here are 4 tips to help you look great in your favorite childhood trend:

  1. Leave the plaid at home: For real. This is one instance when wearing a flannel is not okay, unless you’ve been driving a tractor all day.
  1. Stripes, however, are an almost guaranteed home run: Channel your inner sailor with a blue-and-white striped shirt and you’ll look adorable, I promise.
  1. Fit is key: If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps, so there is no gapping (or pulling) in the crotch area.
  1. Believe in yourself: No matter what trend you want to jump on as long as you wear it confident there is no look you cant rock and if you add a dazzling smile you’ve hit the ball out of the park!

Total look by Zara, shoes: Adidas x Pharrell Williams supercolor, Chanel graffiti backpack and Dior so real sunglasses

Pics by: LUI VAL

IMG_1589 IMG_1654 IMG_1731 IMG_1786 IMG_1802IMG_1596 IMG_1600 IMG_1717 IMG_1728 IMG_1744

The Maidstone

Take the Long Island Expressway and head east; Destination: Hamptons. The lonely winter streets of this getaway transforms in the summer to host a plethora of individuals trying to experience what New Yorkers call home for the summer. Think Park Avenue but with tennis whites and ban de soleil. The Hamptons has already established itself to be the vacation spot of the creme de la creme and the very expensive zip code hosts the summer houses of many celebrities and socialites. Let me take you to 207 Main street East Hampton, New York. A fabulous Scandinavian lifestyle hotel with a structure dating back to the 17th century. This hotel was first used as an Inn in the mid 20’s welcoming the powerful and elite making it a fashionable destination and THE summer spot.  It was bought in 2008 by a Swedish hotelier Mrs. Jenny Ljungberg, and shortly after the purchase it became an iconic must see.

I had the prestigious opportunity to rest my new york fatigued self for a short weekend and I can assure you of its marvel. It took you back to this great Gatsby era where luxury and socializing replaced daily calorie intake. The hotel promotes an atmosphere of comfortability with a dose of youth.  My assertion: the hotel oozes an ambience of champagne, tiaras and meditation. Their eco friendly environment makes up the fabric of this location with a Natura water filtration system that recycles and reuses the water intake. The fabulous  kitchen and housekeeping staff also utilize 100% organic cleaning products to minimize the harm done to our delicate eco system. They encourage the use of green forms of transport including their collection of Kronan red bicycles available to guests, free of charge.

To synchronize with the hotel and the summer Hampton’s vibe I decided to do a very preppy look. Here I’m  wearing my mint trousers from Ted Baker paired with a simple white button down white shirt from American Apparel. On top of the shirt giving a very Chuck Bass playing croquet kind of look my vest sweater from Burberry that actually has royal blue and mint strips on the v cut of the sweater. Matching perfectly with the tones were my 80’s inspired sunnies from Oliver Peoples to keep me from those hot summer rays out of my sight. Last but not least, the Louis Vuitton school clutch with a attention catcher chocolate color scheme and my brown leather Birkenstock was  a match made in Hamptons heaven.

All in all c/o The Maidestone is not a stop along the way; it’s a destination so if you ever go to the Hamptons don’t hesitate and take a sunbath in their fabulous garden with a glass of bellini or two ( or three definitely stop counting after two).

DSC_6893 DSC_6814 DSC_6841 DSC_6949 DSC_6986 DSC_6873 DSC_6804 DSC_6868 DSC_6923 DSC_6975

Welcome to New York

Hello kids Veneto is back in town and has a lot to make up for. This past month I’ve been totally MIA because of my holiday break. I had the chance to visit my family and hit pause on the workload but know that I am back I can assure you that this 2015 will be the year of Veneto.

Today I am keeping my butt warm (excuse my French) with a black wool coat from Sandro. Wearing all black to attract at least some rays of sun to help me in this terrible weather. My black ripped jeans from Saint Laurent weren’t exactly the best idea because the cold wind but if I would’ve worn black warmers underneath I think the look can be pulled off give it a try. To accessorize (keep warm) I used my Opening Ceremony black beanie and my black Alexander Wang x HM sunnies. Keeping everything in black and white tones I am wearing my white high-rise kicks from Sandro and my Chloé mini side bag to carry just the essentials. It is brutally cold outside New Yorkers but there is no need in looking terrible besides looking cold. Stay warm!












It’s officially autumn and like the leaves it’s time to change. New Yorkers are putting away all the summer clothes, dusting their coats but I refuse to let go of summer. For these look I am wear my H&M mustard (hey it’s a fall color) short shorts paired up with my Zara flower detailed shirt over a white Alexander Wang blazer giving the perfect look. Since mustard is a warm color it blends perfectly well with the white assembling a fall or summer look depending on the accessories. Not giving up on summer I whore my Nordstrom mirrored aviators to go with the sunny vibe, I am not ready for the winter and in New York winter seems eternal. Holding tight to summer, I might even end up on the East coast.

Oficialmente llegó el otoño, y como las hojas, es tiempo de cambiar. Los New Yorkers ya están guardaron sus prendas de verano y están desempolvando sus abrigos, pero yo me rehuso a dejarlo ir… Para este look decidí usar mis shorts H&M color mostaza ( hey es un tono otoñal) que van perfecto con mi camisa de flores de Zara y mi blazer blanco Alexander Wang, logrando un look perfecto. Ya que el color mostaza es un tono cálido va excelente como look de otoño o de verano, dependiendo de los accesorios con los que lo combines. Sin rendirme aún con esta cálida estación, usé mis Nordstrom aviador tornasol para seguir con la onda veraniega, definitivamente no estoy listo para el invierno y aquí en New York el frío parece eterno…

Aferrado al verano, probablemente termine en la Costa Este.

IMG_7043 IMG_7040 IMG_7038 IMG_7041 IMG_7034 IMG_7061


After spotting the man bun all over #MBFW I decided to give it a try. Holding my hair in bun was the start to the whole outfit; wear my black unfitted size Givenchy dog tshirt with a pair of black ripped jeans from H&M was the perfect kick ass look. To accessorize my mirrored yellow aviators from Nordstrom and my Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm sandals wear the perfect pop of color this black rock and roll look needed. My black Celine phantom bag was the essential piece and not for the reasons you think (jajaja) though I am obsessed with it the bag is the perfect size for this intense week. After all you might need a change of outfit!

Durante la semana de la moda en Nueva York descubrí las nuevas opciones de cabello para hombre. Así que decidí darle una oportunidad. Recogí mi pelo con un pequeño chongo alto para iniciar el outfit, me puse mi playera de Rottweiler de Givenchy con mis jeans rotos de H&M para lograr un increíble look rompedor. Los complementos ideales fueron mis aviadores amarillos de Nordstrom y mis sandalias Camper Together de Bernhard Willhelm, mezcla de colores ideal para lograr el look negro rock and roll que buscaba. My Celine panthom negra fue la pieza clave –y no por las razones que crees (jajaja)– sino porque estoy obsesionado con esta bolsa, que tiene el tamaño perfecto para una semana intensa.

Al final, seguramente vas a necesitar un cambio de outfit!

g2 g4 g1 g6 g3 g5


Wild Wild East Coast

Getting prep for #MBFW is not an easy task, people have this misconception that one just wakes up in the morning and looks pretty. Well confession it’s completely the opposite and when it comes to put together your looks OMG chaotic. Luckily one day I was roaming around my neighborhood in the East Village and came across with this magnificent poncho from Rannoch Designs. Since I lay eyes on it I knew it would be a great statement for Fashion Week so I paired it up with a simple white tee from Zara and ripped jeans from TopMan. To accessorize I went for comfort with my Nike 2.0 runner shoes, on my head my Zadig & Voltaire black straw hat and my Chloé leather aviators giving the look a more street everyday wear to the poncho. To complement the outfit my Chanel boy bag was the perfect piece missing the contrast the mohair made with the chains was exquisite reminding me of Chanel’s last collection that had a touch of the Wild West.
DSC_3684  DSC_3705 DSC_3691 DSC_3739DSC_3688-001 DSC_3735

M Stands for Missoni

Today’s weather was perfect for my Missoni mid length jacket, adding green lines to an orange fall was a perfect fit. For a Sunday look I kept it simple and comfortable trying a modern school boy look by adding my Fucking Young studded baseball cap, my 3.1 Phillip Lim tennis shoes, and just to spike it up my minaudiere Valentino clutch.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 07.50.50 Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 07.50.05 Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 07.50.37


Two of the most important issues about traveling are packing and comfortable clothes but since I don’t normally pack light I can’t help you with that. On the other hand there is a way to look effortless but most important feeling comfortable without losing any style.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 13.24.31 Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 13.24.47 Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 13.24.14 Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 13.23.55